photo by Fannie Lawrence

Awards :

  • Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation Grant (2011)
  • Bass Coast Art Grant (2013)

Shown At:

  • Bass Coast Festival (2013)

If the wind could sing to us, what would it sound like? Would it be magical, delicate and melodic? Or wild, furious and unpredictable? Whether a roar or a whisper, a gust or a flurry, with Windcatcher, the wind has a voice. 

Windcatcher is a multimedia sound installation funded by the Canada Council for the Arts that takes the forces of the wind and transforms it into a moving sonic sculpture. Through various technological interfaces (Arduino, MAX MSP, Ableton Live, Contact Microphones) the wind harp, chimes, and musical wind turbine together create music played by the wind. As an interactive installation, both the harp and wind chimes can also be played by people. All sounds in this video were created organically by Windcatcher. Windcatcher is sustainably powered – it runs entirely on energy from the sun and the wind.